Testimonials for Valerie Taloni

Valerie Has a Unique Skill

John Berglund

I can't thank Valerie enough for her prompt and professional services in helping me write an e-book.  Having written a previous book that was published, I speak from brief experience in saying I could not have been more pleased with her tremendous suggestions and assistance. She not only has a wonderfully unique writing skill, but her ability to edit (catch my mistakes, both of substance and of grammar), and to organize my story line was well above my expectations. I wouldn't hesitate to use Valerie's services again and would strongly recommend her to anyone.

I'm Amazed At How Valerie Picked Up My Voice

Valerie did an incredible job of taking the information I shared with her in our interviews and reworking what I told her into exactly what I was thinking, but certainly couldn’t put on paper. She was very easy to work with – a pleasure -- and I was amazed at the way in which she picked up on my voice. I really enjoyed myself with this project, and I love my book!

One of the Best People I Have Ever Worked With

I had the pleasure of working with Valerie over almost eight months during the writing of my book, Heroes Alongside Us. From the concept, outline, interviewing and editing, to the publishing, Valerie was one of the best people I have ever worked with. She always guided the way, successfully, down a difficult path. An exceptionally good experience."

Valerie Helped Us Break Down the Book Writing Process

We never realized how many details have to be handled in writing a book. You helped break down the book writing process into smaller pieces so we didn’t get overwhelmed by the enormity of the project. You were a pleasure to deal with, even when you drew the boundaries that were necessary for us to stay on track and on schedule. The book has already helped us become more visible in the field.

We are even talking about our next book now!

I think we would have stayed stuck on a great idea, but not have a clue about where to start had it not been for my two colleagues who both spoke highly of your support in writing their books. Even then we were stuck in wondering how we would create the content.

We put a stake in the ground, decided to use some existing content that we had developed, and contacted you to start the process. And now, here we are: co-authors of a book we are proud of. The book has already helped us become more visible in the field.

You were a pleasure to deal with, even when you drew the boundaries that were necessary for us to stay on track and on schedule. Thank you, Valerie. We are even talking about our next book now!"

Valerie Helped Me Transform My Story

Jennifer Degl

As a first-time author, I am indebted to Valerie for her guidance on my journey as a memoir writer. She helped me transform my story into a memoir of which I am very proud. Valerie is truly a word artist—and a teacher; she has been an essential part of my evolution as a writer. My memoir about my daughter’s premature birth and subsequent struggles to survive are now preserved forever in print because of Valerie."

Valerie's Help Writing a Book is More Than Putting Words on Paper

Lorraine Lane

I was stuck. For nearly ten years, I had entertained the thought of writing a book about how I’ve built my business. One day a colleague showed off his newly published book. Rather envious, I asked him how he managed to undertake this project. He laughed and said that he had good help. Kindly, he referred me to Valerie. I feel more than fortunate that our paths crossed. Without her able assistance and guidance, my book would still be something I thought about.

Valerie is truly remarkable. Her insights, inquiry, inspiration and instigation are the perfect combination for getting your book into print. I didn’t want to get bogged down with having to find a book cover designer or figure out how to get my book on Amazon…all those niggly details get handled with professional ability. I proudly hold up my book when I am giving a talk or workshop because the product has been carefully designed and produced.

Valerie’s help writing a book is more than putting your words on paper. She captures your spirit and intention and is able to translate that into your voice. Since my book has been published, the comments and feedback I am receiving is quite amazing.  ‘I read your book and it was like you are talking to me.’ ‘Your book is easy to read. I am now reading it for the third time.’  ‘I started reading and couldn’t put your book down.’  Of course, these testimonials are very gratifying and I know, without a doubt, that without Valerie, my writing voice would still be silent.

I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending her to anyone who wants to write and publish their book.

Lorraine Lane, Business Coach

Valerie is a Masterful Ghostwriter

Nancy Wilson

“A friend and colleague of mine for many years, Valerie is an author in her own right and a masterful ghostwriter. She is one of the most intelligent, disciplined, and talented people I know. When she sets her mind to doing something, it is always completed to perfection and in a timely manner.

Her example of focus and dedication to a project—combined with the intense desire for the best possible outcome—have been very inspirational to me over the years. She is a perfect example of what can be accomplished when a person is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill a commitment or to reach a personal goal.

If you are looking for the best of the best to partner with you in writing your book, Valerie should be at the top of your list.”

Nancy N. Wilson
Writer, Author, Publisher

Kudos for Valerie Taloni, the Author

Michelle Rosado

“There comes a time in everyone's life where there is a need for change. In 'Burn Your Wishlist! How to Stop Hoping for the Best and Start Planning for Success,’ Valerie provides honest and empowering advice for those who are willing to make that change. I truly felt inspired by her words of strength and passion, and am honored to endorse such a message.”

Michelle Rosado
9/11 Survivor Turned Author, Speaker, Coach

Valerie Is One of the Nicest, Most Professional People . . .

Darla Kernell

"I am so blessed and fortunate to have met Valerie. She is one of the nicest, most professional people I have met in this industry. She takes the time (with clients and potential clients) to explain the book-writing  and publishing process. In fact, I learned more from Valerie in one conversation than I did in many conversations with several other ghostwriters and publishers. She offers sound advice, does what she says she's going to do, and does it on time. I cannot wait to work with Valerie again in the future."

Darla Kernell, LMT/CMT

After Years of Searching, I Came Upon Valerie Taloni

Dale Cole

“After years of searching for the professional to create and build a custom website for my company, I came upon Valerie Taloni. Her professionalism and knowledge—about everything having to do with websites—assured me I was in good hands this time. The communication line was always open and I’m glad to say the end product turned out beautifully. Within one week launching the new website, it was generating calls from potential customers. I highly recommend Valerie and her services to anyone looking for an honest, educated professional.”

I Never Thought I'd See the Day or Feel This Excited

Barry Foster


Writing a book isn’t easy. You’ve taken the 'work' out of writing a book and allowed me, the author, to do what I needed to do — share my story with the world. You’ve made it possible for me to realize my dream of getting my book out of me, on to paper, and ultimately published and listed for sale on Amazon. I soak up the true feelings of accomplishment when I hold my book in my hand with my name on the cover, and receive the accolades ('What a great job on your book!') from my readers. I never thought I’d see the day or feel this excited, especially with having to do such simple tasks, because you did all the work. You have a gift of delivering my personal style, energy, and passion in the words you select without changing the content and/or meaning I’m trying to get across. I’m forever grateful for making the choice to have you be the one to write my first book. I can’t thank you enough for taking me on this journey. You’re the best!"

Barry Foster
Author, "Overcoming Your Funk"

Valerie Taloni Captured Her Client's Voice

As an editor, I work with authors and journalists on a daily basis. I recently had the opportunity to work with Valerie Taloni on a nonfiction book and found her to be an exceptional writing talent. As a ghostwriter, Valerie captured her client's voice and wrote an engaging, dynamic book with very good readability and strong, concise writing.

In my business, I regularly read the work of excellent writers. Unfortunately, many of those talents lack the professionalism to become professional, career authors. Valerie's skill as a writer is matched only by her attention to detail and consummate professionalism---traits that set her apart from her peers. I recommend her without reservation.

Katie Gira