Valerie’s Professional Bio

Valerie Taloni – Professional Bio


I began my professional life as a language instructor, teaching English in a junior high school in France and also teaching for a short time here in the United States. I was a teacher at a time when there were no teaching jobs to be had, so I ventured into the business world, starting with the travel business. Traveling was – and still is – a passion of mine.

Corporate Experience: sales, account management, coaching, training

I had a dream to become a sales person and ultimately left the travel business to get into sales for a small communications company where I worked for a couple of years. Then an opportunity presented itself and I joined North American Philips Corporation to create and lead a new department. After NAPC, I joined American Express where I became an award-winning top producer. My positions at Amex were in sales and account management. In my last position with Amex, I headed up a team of  seven national account managers. After American Express, I had the pleasure of working for a small sales consulting and training firm, where I worked one-on-one with sales professionals and also facilitated three-day sales training workshops. During my time with this firm, I earned my certification as an individual and organizational coach. This was in the very early days of coaching, before most people even heard of business or personal coaching. In 1998, I left the sales training company to start my own coaching practice.


Through my company, All About Results LLC,  I have helped individuals, teams, and organizations achieve new levels of performance. My clients have included corporate executives, teams at Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, entrepreneurs, CEOs of small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and home-based business owners.


In addition to my Bachelor of Science degree, my professional certifications include…

  • Individual and Organizational Coaching Certification from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara
  • Situational Leadership® certification, received when I was part of the business coaching team for the American Management Association
  • Certified Behaviors Analyst for DISC
  • Program leader and business coach for the individual and team planning and implementation program, Best Year Yet


A  former language teacher, I’ve always loved writing. I’ve been writing all my life, and writing professionally for four years. When I wrote Burn Your Wish List!, I was fortunate to be coached by a best-selling author. I am on a path of continuous learning: in the summer of 2012, I participated in a writing and publishing course presented by a top New York City editor, as well as a book-writing program taught by a best-selling author.