Most Frequently Asked Questions
About How to Write a Book and Get It Published

Here are the questions I get asked the most by prospective clients about how to write a book and get it published:

. What types of clients do you work with? What types of books do you write?

A.  I write only nonfiction, including books that will showcase your expertise as a business leader, small business owner or solo professional, and memoirs/personal stories. I can also help you with professional legacy books (The 10 Lessons I Learned…).

If you are solo entrepreneur, a solo practitioner, or a small business owner — and you’re wondering how to write a book and get it published — let’s connect. If you are a doctor, lawyer, accountant, coach, speaker, personal trainer, chiropractor, designer, architect, health care practitioner, consultant of any type (computer, beauty, wedding, sales, restaurant – or any one of the hundreds of types of consultants), realtor, financial planner, massage therapist, hypnotherapist…or any other type of  solo entrepreneur, solo practitioner, or small business owner, you could be my next book-writing client. Or, perhaps you have a compelling personal story to share with the world.

As a professional, I know how busy you are.  You probably don’t have the time to write a book. Give me some time up front; we’ll get your book out of your head, and I’ll do the rest. (You’ll still have work to do, but your most difficult part is very early in the process. If you pull together all your content and have it ready for our interviews, it will be smooth sailing from there.)

If you would like to write a business book, legacy book or share your personal story in the form of a memoir, I would love to chat with you.

Q. How long do the interviews take?

A. This is difficult to answer. It’s another one of those “it depends.” Our initial telephone sessions will take 6-10 hours, broken into shorter sessions, though I’ve had as many as 20 hours of interviews with clients. (The better prepared you are to share your expertise or your story, the better the quality of our interviews.) I do ask you to be available for additional phone sessions to fill in any gaps as I work through the manuscript, and you can be sure we’ll be emailing back and forth a lot.

Q. How many pages will be in my book?

A. When it comes to books, short is the new long. In today’s busy world, your readers will appreciate a short, powerful book and that’s what we’ll create.  The exact length of your book will depend on the amount of information you share with me in our interviews. It will likely be between 90-150 pages.

Q. How long will the entire process take from start to finish?

A. The length of time it will take to get your book written, published and listed for sale on Amazon depends on a number of factors. I ask that we complete the “content collection phase” of your book project within thirty days. Once I have all the content, it takes 6-10 weeks to complete the first draft of your manuscript. We then work towards the final manuscript. Many of my authors like to present preview copies to other authors and experts, in hopes of getting testimonials for the book. This often adds a few weeks to the process. Once you have approved the final manuscript, complete with front and back matter, your book will be published and listed for sale on Amazon, in 4-6 weeks. (Once the manuscript is finalized, I bring in my cover artist and interior designer to work on your project. How quickly they are able to complete their part of the project depends on their schedules and how busy they are.) The entire process from start to finish usually takes 5-7 months.

Q. How much work do I have to do as the author?

A. It depends on the amount of collaboration you require. If you are crystal-clear on the concept and message of your book, and if you have all the content, the lion’s share of your time will be spent completing the questionnaire and then being interviewed by me. You’d be wise to block off a couple of days on your calendar to work on the questionnaire, and the interviews will probably take 10+ hours, broken into smaller sessions. All in all, as the author you have only 3-4 days of work in total for the lowest level of collaboration. If you require the highest level of collaboration, we’ll be spending a lot more time together.

Q. What kinds of questions are on the questionnaire?

A. The questionnaire is designed to provide me with a foundation from which to work. Your answers to many of the questions will be very easy because they’re things you talk about every day. For example: Who are your clients? What are their problems and how do you help them solve those problems? Or, in the case of a memoir, How is your story different from other memoirs? Who are the main characters in your story and how do you describe them? I’ll also be asking you about the message you want to convey in your book and your thoughts for the outline of your book, among other questions. Responding to the questionnaire will be your most difficult task, but it’s nothing compared to writing a book!

Q. Can I order additional copies of my book?

A. Yes, you will have the option to order additional copies of your book at the wholesale rate.

Q. Do I need a website for my book?

A. The thinking about book websites is changing. If you are in business and your book will showcase your business expertise, and can clearly be integrated into your business, then it is recommended that you dedicate a page(s) on your existing business website to your book. If you are writing a memoir, you will probably want a website dedicated to your book. I used to assist my clients with their websites, but can no longer dedicate the time. However, I do know a lot about websites and can assist you with determining e3xactly what should go on your site, and perhaps refer you to a professional web designer. (To see examples of websites I’ve worked on, click here.)

Do you have questions I haven’t answered here? Please get in touch with me.