How to Find a Ghostwriter

How to Find a Ghostwriter

(Where Can You Look To Find a Great Ghostwriter?)

Now that you have decided you would much rather hire a ghostwriter to write your book—because you do not have the inclination to write or the time to commit to writing—the next step involves finding a ghostwriter. The first instinct is usually to conduct a Google search on how to find a ghostwriter.

Conducting a Google search on how to find a ghostwriter is the starting ground. It will provide you with ghostwriters whose websites have excellent search engine optimization, resulting in those websites being placed on the first page of Google results. These websites may include those that promote ghostwriting as a profession (such as ghostwriting associations) and top freelancing sites. By visiting these websites you will be able to compare, contrast and distinguish between the various services offered and what you truly need in a ghostwriter.

There is a common misconception that ghostwriters found on the first page of a search are the best in the business. While these ghostwriters may be good at what they do, what it really highlights is that they have successfully employed marketing strategies to make themselves known online. There are many other excellent ghostwriters in the business who you may not come across in a simple Google search. Be certain to explore all your options so you can find the best ghostwriter for you.

Websites that promote ghostwriting services as a profession are also a good place to consult on how to find a ghostwriter. This option provides a lot more variety in ghostwriters, their fees and services. Not to be forgotten is a medium I use on a daily basis to network with prospective clients, LinkedIn. LinkedIn is a platform used by many professionals to ethically market themselves and this is no different for ghostwriters such as myself. You can view my LinkedIn profile here.

How to Find a Ghostwriter

Ask for Recommendations From Colleagues Who Have Used a Ghostwriter

This option comes pretty close to one of the oldest and noblest ways on how to find a ghostwriter, that is, asking for recommendations. Recommendations from online business owners, colleagues and business associates as well as friends who have hired ghostwriters in the past can prove very rewarding. This saves time and energy and can greatly shorten the trial and error period. Be sure to ask questions that can provide clarity on aspects of the ghostwriter’s services that may not have been mentioned. Additionally, forums can be utilized in order to obtain recommendations from online business owners.

The great thing is, being on this website means you have already found a ghostwriter! Take a look at the other pages of my website to garner information on my book-writing process. I would be delighted in answering any questions you may have. Get in contact with me today so that I may be of assistance to you.