What Can You Expect?

How Do You Get A Book Published?

Exactly What Should You Expect
When We Work Together?

How do you get a book published? Getting your book published is our mutual goal. Once we agree to work with one another, we’ll become partners and together, we’ll take the journey of getting your book written, published and listed for sale on Amazon.

Your biggest job is to share your expertise with me; I orchestrate the process and take ownership for getting your book written and published. As my client, you’re a VIP. Rest assured you can contact me any time with questions, concerns, or just to brainstorm: you’ll have both my personal phone number and email address. Of course, my request will be that you’ll be available for me to answer questions as I work through the process.

There are two main steps to getting your book written, published and listed for sale on Amazon: writing your book and publishing your book. Please bear in mind that each client is different, but here’s a high-level overview of the general process I use with my clients:

Writing Your Book

1. Questionnaire – You will complete a detailed questionnaire about your future book. Some questions will be easier than others. Answering the questionnaire may take you a couple hours, a couple days, or a couple of weeks. (This is probably your hardest work.) I’ll review your questionnaire responses and then we’ll talk through them together as we outline your book, before we begin the process of collecting the content for your book.

2. Outline/Content Layout – We’ll talk through the content for your book – using your completed questionnaire as a guide – and create an outline. This is a fun process as we can begin to see your book take shape. I will map out the content in a special format. This “content map,” along with your responses on the questionnaire become the foundation from which we work.

3. Content Collection – Collecting the material that will ultimately become the content for your book is via telephone interviews. We will set up telephone sessions during which I’ll ask you questions based on our outline and your answers to the questionnaire. You’ll be sharing your expertise with me and in doing so, talking your book to me, so this part will be easy for you. These sessions will be recorded.

4. First Draft – I’ll create the first draft of your manuscript using all the material I’ve collected, plus any additional materials you provide. You will  review the first draft and provide your comments.

5. Second Draft – I will rework the first draft and produce a second draft including your finalized title and subtitle, chapter titles and subtitles, front and back matter pages (such as Acknowledgements, About the Author, Introduction, etc.). You will then review the second draft and provide any final changes.

6. Revisions to Second Draft – changes are made and the manuscript is finalized.

7. Editing and Proofing – a professional editor will review and proof your final manuscript. (Sometimes my editor is brought in before the final draft.)

8. Manuscript approval – you review and approve your manuscript and… the writing is complete!

Now, getting a book published….

Publishing Your Book

1. Interior Format – your book size is determined – most books are 6” x 9” – and the interior of your book is formatted by a highly experienced interior layout designer.

2. Cover Design – the front and back cover of your book are designed (with your input) by a professional cover artist including cover art on the front, your photo and bio on the back and your unique ISBN number. You will approve the final cover design.

3. Set Up of Account on Amazon – I will set up an account on your behalf with the publishing arm of Amazon.

4. Approval by Amazon – I will submit your formatted manuscript and book cover for approval, after which a proof copy of your book is sent to my office.

5. You Become an Author – Your book is published and listed for sale on Amazon and a copy of the physical book is delivered to your home or office!

Please note: this is a high level overview of the writing and publishing process. There are a myriad of steps and details that go into writing a book and getting a book published. The good news is that you won’t have to deal any of it… because I will.

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