Ghostwriters for Hire

Ghostwriters for Hire

(The Benefits of Using the
Ghostwriters for Hire Payment Model)

Ghostwriters are commonly hired to write books for authors. (More commonly than you would imagine.) These authors usually lack the time to write a book, and/or feel a ghostwriter will do a better job at compiling their thoughts and ideas into well-received words. An important part of the ghostwriting process is determining the method of compensation. Ghostwriters usually offer to be compensated in four ways: as a business partner, via revenue division, by offering a byline discount,  or the most popular — by employing the ghostwriters for hire model.

As a business partner, ghostwriters agree to become co-authors of the book and as such, will usually take fifty percent of the money made from book purchases. Little to no upfront payment is required, and of course, a contract is signed between by the ghostwriter and the author. This method of payment is common in situations where the ghostwriter has a particular interest in the author’s niche.

Ghostwriters who would rather not be listed as a co-author, but would like to be acknowledged on the cover of the book, will opt for a byline discount payment agreement. In this model, the ghostwriter is an independent contractor and not considered a business partner. Revenue division is similar to the business partner model in that the ghostwriter will receive a percentage of the revenue gained from book sales,. The ghostwriter will not appear on the book cover as a co-author, but rather as a byline beneath the author’s name in a smaller font size.

The ghostwriters for hire model is the most popular because authors prefer to pay a fee based on an agreement with theGhostwriters for Hire ghostwriter, and own all rights to the book without any obligations of mentioning the ghostwriter on the cover of the book. It is up to the author as to whether or not to include the ghostwriter’s name in the acknowledgment of the book. As such, no royalties or percentages based on book sales are paid to the ghostwriter. Additionally, the upfront payment in the ghostwriters for hire model is usually much higher than in the other types of compensation.

Ghostwriters themselves tend to prefer the ghostwriters for hire model because not only do they receive quicker compensation, but they do not have to depend on the success of the book to be paid for their work. With the other models of payment, there is a risk involved. The ghostwriters for hire model eliminates the risk for the ghostwriter.

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