Dream of Becoming an Author Comes True

Dream of Becoming an Author
Comes True

Ghostwriter Valerie Taloni of HelpWritingABook.com
Announces the Publication of
Overcoming Your Funk on Amazon.com

Bonita Springs, FL – February, 2012

According to recent surveys, over 80% of the American population feels they “have a book in them” and would like to write it one day. In 2011, Barry Foster, a certified coach, finally took the bull by the horns to make his dream come true: he partnered with Valerie Taloni, a fellow coach, for help to get his book written and published. Taloni had recently launched a new arm of her business to help others achieve their dream of becoming an author.

“Through my company, All About Results LLC, I’d been helping individuals, teams, and organizations achieve new levels of performance for over a dozen years,” said Taloni. “Two years ago I wrote and published my first book, Burn Your Wish List! How to Stop Hoping for the Best and Start Planning for Success. I enjoyed the process so much, I decided to offer my services to help other solo professionals and small business owners realize the dream of becoming an author.”

Barry Foster had long had a dream of writing a book, though he wasn’t certain of the topic. Working with Taloni, they fleshed out the topic and a book outline. Taloni then interviewed Foster via telephone and recorded the interviews. The recordings became the substance for the book. “I never thought I’d see the day or feel this excited, especially with having to do so little because Valerie did all the work,” said Foster. “She has a gift; she was able to write the book in my personal style, with my energy and passion, without changing my content.”

Taloni is looking forward to helping others achieve their dream of writing a book in 2012. “If you’ve ever said to yourself, ‘I want to write a book,’ it costs nothing to have an initial conversation with me to see if we’re a good fit to work together,” says Taloni.

To check out Barry Foster’s book, click on the book cover below:

Overcoming Your Funk