Become an Author . . . What’s the Cost?

Let’s get to the bottom line: what will it cost for you to get help writing a book and become an author?  The answer: it depends. Your investment is determined by a number of factors. No two book-writing projects are alike; my work is different with each client depending on that client’s needs. The ultimate consideration is the amount of collaboration you require and the amount of help you need (the amount of work on my part) to get your book written. Please note: I work on a “fee-for-project” basis. In other words, I charge a fee for my services; I don’t work on royalties.

How Much Collaboration Will You Require?
Here are some of the questions I ask potential clients:

  • Do you feel you just don’t know where to begin?
  • Do you need help refining your ideas for your book?
  • Would brainstorming the true essence of your book be helpful to you?
  • Do you find it challenging to crystalize your book’s message, theme, and/or relevancy?
  • If I were to work with you to pull together the material that will ultimately become your book’s content, would that be helpful?
  • Are you crystal-clear on what your book will be about, why it’s unique, and its benefits to your  readers?
  • Can you tell me why you’re writing your book, its purpose, and how you will present your material?
  • Are you ready to provide me with all the material that will ultimately become the content for your book?
  • Are you prepared to give me your complete Table of Contents and book outline?

Your answers to the above questions — and more — will help me better understand your project requirements.

We need to have a conversation so we can both get clear on your needs, and then I can determine my fee for your project. Your investment in becoming an author will depend on the complexity of your project, the ultimate length of your book, and other factors. I encourage you to conduct a Google search for “ghostwriter fees” to educate yourself. A report published on offers the high, low and average fees for various types of book-writing projects.

Remember what’s possible when you become an author.  You will…

  • immediately be viewed as an authority in your area of expertise.
  • have a built-in, perpetual advertisement with your book.
  • become a client magnet – almost instantly.
  • automatically generate more business and command higher fees.
  • always be able to say “I’m an author.”
  • attract opportunities you can’t even imagine right now.

All of these things are part of your ROI (return on investment) when you make an investment with me to help you become a published author. Honestly, it’s hard to put a price on any of these things.

Think about this: can you even put a value on how you will feel when you’re holding your book in your hand, with your name on the front cover and your picture on the back? 

To understand a little bit more about ghostwriting fees, read this article.

If you’re serious about becoming an author, let’s connect.  Just get in touch with me by filling out the form on my contact page. Tell me a little bit about you and your future book. I’ll respond with some questions that will help you to organize your thoughts around your book, and then we can have a phone conversation.

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