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Ghostwriting Fees

Ghostwriting Fees

(How Much Does it Cost to Hire a Ghostwriter?)

If you’re thinking about hiring a ghostwriter, undoubtedly one of your first questions is “What are ghostwriting fees? How much will it cost to hire a ghostwriter?”

The answer is “It depends.” Unfortunately for the future author who wants to hire an experienced ghostwriter, there really is no industry standard when it comes to ghostwriting fees. Conduct a search on Google and you’ll turn up fees starting at around $10,000 going all the way up to $100,000. A report from the Writers Market indicates that ghostwriting fees range from a low of $5,000 to a high of $100,000, with an average of $36,000. I’m told there are writers on some of the online job sites who’ll work for incredibly low fees, but beware and remember: You get what you pay for.

Factors to Consider:

  • Experience: Just as in any industry, entry-level ghostwriters are paid less., while experienced ghostwriters command higher fees.
  • Is your ghostwriter a native English speaker?
  • Some ghostwriters charge by the hour and some by the project. Either way, a ghostwriter is a professional. Think about what you pay other professionals: For example, I pay my “computer guy” $80/hour. My accountant charges more than that. Perhaps you’re a professional yourself…what is your hourly rate? Bottom line: a ghostwriter is a professional and is paid accordingly.
  • That begs the question, “How many hours does it take to write a book?” Again, that’s a difficult question to answer because every ghostwriter writes at his or her own pace, (which is why I charge by the project and not by the hour.) Think of it this way: How long does it take you to write something? (Your bio, a blog post, a letter, website copy – anything.) Bottom line: it takes a lot of time to complete a manuscript.
  • Before a ghostwriter types the first word of your book, he or she will spend a number of hours with you planning your book.
  • Not only does a ghostwriter spend time writing, but he or she also spends a lot of time time communicating with you via phone and email, interviewing you, researching, editing, rewriting, and—depending on the scope of the project—perhaps working with other vendors such as proofreaders, interior designers, cover artists, etc. This adds many more hours of work to the project, and a ghostwriter must pay any vendors with whom he or she works.
  • What is included in your ghostwriter’s fee? Is the fee to produce a manuscript, or does the fee include other services, such as publishing your book for you?

I charge my clients a flat fee for the entire book-writing project (and am able to quote a fee only after a full understanding of a project). I’ve been writing books for nearly a decade, and my fees generally fall somewhere below the Writers Market average.

Are you looking for a ghostwriter? If so, please read through the pages of my website to become familiar with my book-writing process, and then get in touch with me. Only with a full understanding of your project, am I able to quote a fee. Remember … you get what you pay for. Look around, connect with other ghostwriters and see what they offer. If we happen to work together, you will realize very quickly that you made the right choice and a wise investment. (But you don’t have to believe me … my clients will tell you the same thing.)

I look forward to hearing from you.

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What is Ghostwriting?

What is Ghostwriting?

(Ghostwriter Definition)

As the self-publishing industry skyrockets, so does the need for ghostwriters and ghostwriting. But…what is ghostwriting?

what is ghostwriting?If the idea if hiring a ghostwriter conjures up scary images, you couldn’t be more wrong. According to Miriam Webster’s online dictionary ghostwrite is defined as to write for and in the name of another. defintes ghostwriter as is a person who writes a speech, book, article, etc., for another person who is named as or presumed to be the author.

I am a ghostwriter of books: I am hired by an individual who wants to write a book, but for various reasons, doesn’t have the wherewithal to write that book him or herself. Many of my clients don’t have the time to write a book; others don’t consider themselves to be good writers, and still others just don’t know where to begin. Each of my clients is an expert in something, but writing and publishing a book is not it.

When people ask me what I do, and I reply, “I am a ghostwriter,” I often get a blank stare. “What is ghostwriting?” they ask. “I write books for other people,” I tell them. “Many famous books, songs, and movies were not actually written by the individual whose name appears as the author.” Typically, the initial reaction is that it’s dishonest for someone to put his or her name on a work that he or she didn’t actually write.

I disagree.

An author is one who originates or creates. My authors create all the material that ultimately becomes the content for their books. I may be the one who does the actual writing, but the material is created by my authors—not by me. In some cases, ghostwriters are hired to write a book completely from scratch. The ghostwriter does all the research, prepares an outline, and writes the book. That’s not how I work. I partner closely with my authors.

What is ghostwriting? Hopefully now you have a better idea. Are you thinking of hiring a ghostwriter? If so, feel free to get in touch with me.

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