Get Help Writing a Book

“I Want to Write a Book.”

Do you ever say this to yourself?

If you’re like most Americans – 80 percent according to recent surveys – you feel you’ve got a book in you.  If you’re thinking of finally writing that book, you’ve come to the right place:

Would you like to get help writing a book?
(To work with a professional writer,
who will do the lion’s share of the work,
to produce the book of your dreams?)

If so, I’m here to help.

Hello. I’m Valerie Taloni. Seven years ago I was right where you are: I thought about writing a book and becoming an author. But thinking was the only thing I did.  The thought of writing a book was overwhelming. Where to begin? Exactly what should I write? How to stay focused and on track?

Fast-forward to today…

I’m a published author and ghostwriter,
and I’m ready to help write your book with you.

You see, I know how to make things happen: for more than a dozen years, I taught and coached others how to achieve their goals, and I’ve been a goal-setter myself for as long as I can remember. In January 2009, “Write a book” was my top goal for the year, and that goal became a reality before the year was over.

Truth be told: writing a book isn’t easy. I love to write and I’m good at it. But… there’s a huge difference between being a good writer, and having all the skills to write, produce, and publish a complete book. It’s intense. In fact, it’s downright painful at times. Some days the words flow and you can’t type fast enough. Other days you sit staring at your computer screen. It can be a real roller-coaster ride. At least that’s how it was for me. The actual book-writing process takes countless hours, but that’s only the beginning. Once the writing is done, you must turn yourself into a project manager: there’s editing, formatting, proofreading, getting a cover designed, and – of course – getting your book published and listed for sale.

Getting your book written, published, and listed for sale can become a full-time job. It’s no wonder most people only dream of becoming an author. Most people will never find the time to write a book.

Imagine getting your book written, published
and listed for sale on Amazon…
and having someone else do the bulk of the work.

It’s possible when you hire me as your ghostwriter. You might be asking yourself, what exactly is a ghostwriter? If so, just click here to learn more about ghostwriting.

Right now – today – you can take the first step to getting help writing a book — to becoming a published author without all the struggle. You can leverage everything I’ve learned at the book-writing “school of hard knocks” and put my system to work for you. That’s right… I will be your ghostwriter.  (I’m not going to say you don’t have to do anything. There’s still quite a bit of work required on your part, but I can promise when you work with me, the process will be as easy and painless as possible because I’ll be doing all the heavy lifting.) My goal: to make the journey called writing a book as manageable as possible for each of my clients.

Know this: Your words matter. There are people waiting for the wisdom you’ll be sharing in your book.

If you’ve been thinking about writing a book, you already know the advantages of being a published author…

You will immediately be positioned as an expert and thought leader in your area of expertise.

You will always be able to say, “I’m an author.”  (Just imagine how that will feel.)

If you are a business owner, you will

  • have a built-in, perpetual advertisement with your book.
  • stand out in a crowded marketplace because you’ll be at a different level than your competitors.
  • become a client magnet – almost instantly.
  • automatically generate more business and command higher fees.
  • attract opportunities you can’t even imagine right now.

So now that you know there’s a way for you to realize your dream of writing a book – without all the struggle – you have a choice to make:

You can continue to “think and do nothing” about becoming an author. Or…

You can finally get started on your book project and try to figure it all out for yourself. Or…

You can make the simple decision to contact me right this second so we can connect and see if we’re a good fit to work together so you can get your book published in 2016.

Just imagine: getting help writing a book and then… YOU, a published author with your book on Amazon.

What are you waiting for?

To your success,

Valerie Taloni
Your Ghostwriter and Collaborator